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Name: Daniel Root
Occupation: Freelance Artist/ Animator
Credentials: AA in Liberal Arts (Mesa College), BFA Entertainment art/ Animation (CSUF) (in progress...)

Art is more than just pretty pictures, true art comes from the story and life that the pictures express. Stories have the power to create something that did not exist before, make culture, and bestow life to the motionless. Art is a uniting force that binds the creator, the viewer, and every hand that touches it together by expression.

What is Red Alchemy?

Elements of love, hate, fear, humor, courage, spirit, awe, and wonder are all parts that make up the epic story of existence. Red alchemy comes from this concept of ever evolving mixing of elements to create a story that is born, develops, and comes to completion only to be reborn again anew. Born to be unconventional, imaginative, and original.

I consider myself a messenger.

Messages take many forms, but some of the most powerful come from the telling of stories. Tales tell the truth about our greatest desires, our hopes, our dreams, our fears. It can inspire people to become brave in the face of miniscule odds and find faith in the most unlikely of sources. Stories teach the most important parts of life, which is how to live.

Inage arts is a platform for these messages.

Stop motion, Traditional Animation, CGI, Manga, Film, Television, Greeting Cards, Books, Music, and Crafts. Enjoy creativity in its numerous form.

Thank you.



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